Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mon-sieur BOME Collection Vol. 15

When Kasumi goes toe-to-toe against an opponent or plays volleyball, her hair flails around and her body is generally in a constant state of flux. With so much energy, one would expect Mon-sieur Bome to sculpt Kasumi in a kinetic pose of some sort. No such luck. Bome goes with a becalmed Kasumi who stands there in blue battle gear, white stockings, and a blank stare. Maybe she's trying to impersonate a plank. At least her fiery locks are wild and display some measure of emotion... Other than the rigid pose, Bome's artistic flair and talent are evident with detailed de rigeur Kasumi clothing, well-formed fingers, and requisite sashes. Our favorite DOA redhead also retains the face of an angel with carefully painted eyes which glow with amber luminosity. Kasumi's wakizashi sword is included in the blister packaging and is assembled from two separate pieces.

Interview with BOME (from the packaging)
When I first tried to make a garage kit of Kasumi from Dead or Alive, I remember not having access to any detailed references, and taking many photographs of the television screen to complete the work. Now, for this fully-painted PVC version, I was able to improve on many of the parts that I wasn't satisfied with in the original model. As an additional challenge, I even attempted to recreate Kasumi's hairstyles and costume changes which, it can be said, are some of the strongest selling points of the Dead or Alive Series. I chose costumes and hairstyles that I considered to be Kasumi's "staples," which I hope you will enjoy. I myself am quite excited to see how they turn out.

Real Action Heroes: Bruce Lee

Medicom has started preorders for a Real Action Heroes figure which features the likeness, hairstyle, and clothing of Bruce Lee. The RAH figure measures 32cm or 12.58" tall and is articulated for posing possibilities. Owners of the figure may position Bruce in a fighting stance with the nunchuks at the ready or in a defensive posture so he'll be able to glance away all attackers.

In addition to the Bruce figure, the RAH packaging includes a pair of nunchuks which are linked with an actual chain and a pair of bo-staff which Bruce may wield in both hands.
Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2007. Japanese retail pricing is set at JPY16800 or US$159 from NCS.

Some little known facts about Bruce Lee
▪ Bruce Lee is so fast that he once outran a cheetah on the African savanna. Bruce was carrying a 5 year-old Brandon and a pair of 20-lb weights at the time. He said he wanted a challenge.

▪ In the early days of the Gemini Space Program, NASA consulted with Bruce Lee to help them perform a preliminary launch. Completed space suits were not available at the time and the engineers had concerns about the effects of zero gravity on the human body. Bruce brushed them aside and throttled into space in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. When he returned, Bruce mentioned that, "it got a little chilly but it was good times."

▪ Chef Gauguin once needed to prepare a meal for 150 invitees at an impromptu gala event in San Francisco. The sous-chefs were hopelessly backed up so Gaugin called his old friend Bruce. Within 5:05 minutes of his call, Bruce sauntered into the kitchen and proceeded to chop, fillet, and sautée 130 meals for the guests in exactly 20 minutes and 45 seconds. The kitchen staff prepared the other 20 meals and took care of dessert.

▪ Bruce Lee once accidentally bumped into a M1 Abrams and caused $183,635.43 worth of damage according to the General Accounting Office.

KH Formation Arts Vol. 2 [SOLD OUT]

Sale of the Day: When the KHFA v2 figures first arrived, NCS opened a few boxes to confirm that every factory container included a full set of six and two extras. After confirming, we threw them into storage. All of the toys are still factory bagged and new but the boxes are opened. Further, please note that every box we are selling today includes both versions of the Cloud figure.

Pricing is set at US$105.00 per factory box of Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Vol. 2 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. USPS Priority Mail normally delivers in 2-3 days depending on your proximity to our location in New York City. For our international customers, a flat airmail shipping rate of US$20 will be assessed for an order total of US$125. Please disregard the shop's shipping quotation.