Thursday, October 19, 2006

Final Fantasy III Miniature Trading Arts

Square Enix Toys has started accepting preorders for Final Fantasy III Miniature Trading Arts figure set which features seven character archetypes from the recent NDS re-release of the game. The figures measure 5cm to 7cm and pretty much everyone wears a hat or a helm of some sort. The Trading Arts figures are packaged 12 to a factory sealed carton and according to the preorder solicitation, every factory case should contain 1 full set of figures and some duplicates. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2006 at US$39 per factory sealed case.

Leonardo Da Vinci Collection Toy

Japanese toy manufacturer Boford specializes in weapons of war such as swords and guns. Boford released a set of toy weapons inspired by the swords of Onimusha last year. The company has an ambitious project in the works which focuses on the sketches and ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The most famous and visible work of Leonardo Da Vinci is the Mona Lisa which was painted on poplar wood. When you're on Jeopardy and that question pops up, remember NCS and donate. Mona didn't make the cut for inclusion in the Collection Set but a bunch of weapons did. Leonardo was a prolific inventor and visionary who scribbled copious notes and illustrations that ranged the spectrum of human endeavor from weapons, anatomy, instruments, astronomy, and more. Boford's Leonardo Da Vinci toy collection features miniature replicas of instruments that the master envisioned in his sketches and drawings. The toys are built according to Da Vinci's notes and have moving parts so admirers, engineers, and students alike may examine how the instruments and mechanisms were supposed to work. Exhibit #4 in the photo is the Aerial Screw which is a forerunner of the modern helicopter and Exhibit #6 shows the Automatic Roasting Spit which is useful for cooking rotisserie poultry... Preorders ship in mid-late January 2006.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

After successful location tests for the latest version of Guilty Gear XX in August at Club Sega, preorders were finally opened overnight. Pricing is set at JPY198,000 for the Naomi GD-Rom, cabinet marquee, panel decals, and operator manual.
Please note that Naomi System kits are not offered for this particular release but NCS can supply complete Naomi systems. Preorders are welcome today by email request. NCS pricing is set at US$1850 which includes Worldwide Express shipping directly from Japan.

General Updates

Today's Delay
This week's new shipment of Japanese imports didn't arrive as originally scheduled but everything should be in stock by tomorrow morning.
According to information from suppliers, early orders for the PS2 Captain Tsubasa game will include a bonus cell phone strap. We don't know the allocation yet but we'll update tomorrow. Early preorders for PS2 Gift Prism will also include a micro-fiber hand towel decorated with images of the gals in the game. More photos tomorrow.
Dreamcast Wristwatch Update
It's still on the way with a massive allotment of toys. Sadly, the sheer bulk and volume of this shipment is taking longer to clear than we expected but we will process all preorders for the DC watch once it arrives. Other items in the shipment include the Robby the Robot Transporter sets and Mario pens.