Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Playstation 3 + 20GB Preorders

Preorders are welcome for the Japanese version of the Playstation 3 + 20gig HDD which ships in Japan on Nov 11. Sony plans on allocating 100,000 PS3 units for the launch which is 300,000 units fewer than the North American debut on Nov 17. Since the launch date is a Saturday in Nihon, we expect the units to arrive on November 13 or 14. The published price is JPY49,980 but NCS starts preorders at US$689 per console.

The price is based on quotations from eight Japanese suppliers and three Hong Kong based agents. Since last minute price hikes are common during the debut of new consoles, we asked suppliers to give us realistic price projections now. For example, months before the PS2 launch, vendors accepted preorders at a price of roughly US$550. A few days before the launch, prices ramped up to US$780. That routine was getting tired.

Since the proximity of the North American PS3 launch is so close to the Japanese debut, the price of US$689 is not expected to change but it's still a possibility if Sony's 100,000 launch units changes to 50,000. The only PS3 game opened up for preorder so far has been Konami's Mahjong Fight Club: National Play but the others should open up in the next few days.

Import Preorders

GBA Final Fantasy VI Advance Square
NDS Ryuusei no Rockman Capcom
PS2 Beatmania IIDX 12: Happy Sky Konami

Momotarou Densetsu 16 Hudson
PSP Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Konami
WII Elebits Konami

The full updated schedule of upcoming Japanese imports may be viewed via the following link.

Doraemon Hat

Crazy doesn't grow on trees but it may bloom under the propeller of a Doraemon hat. After hemming and hawing for years, Taito finally gives in and crafts Doraemon's likeness into a full head mask which covers the entire melon of its wearer. Measuring 30cm or 11.81" tall, the hat features an adjustable clasp to allow passage for small heads and big noggins alike.

The hat acts as a sort of double head since the face of Doraemon may be seen above the wearer's face. If you wander into the deepest jungles of South America wearing the Doraemon Hat, you might be mistaken for a long lost feline god who walks upright like a man. Never mind that the feline in question winks, rocks a propeller, and sports a bright cherry nose.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2007 at US$28. Please note that this item may be a dimensional weight product and NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the USA or USPS Airmail Parcel Post for our international customers.

Mobile Phone Handset

Once upon a time, all phones featured coiled cords and clunky designs. Nowadays, sleek and wireless are the rule without exception. To hearken back to the olden days, Taito has started preorders for an old school handset which plugs into a cell phone and provides real O.G. style for talkers on the go. Imagine strutting down the street with a bulky vomit-green handset while squawking loudly about the granite counters that you just installed in your kitchen. The handset measures 21cm or 8.26" long and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late Jan 2007. Price: US$25 each.

Playstation 2 Internal HDD

Sale of the Day: The last few Japanese PS2 internal HDDs in our inventory are all new but the boxes have some slight dents and label imperfections. The hard drives inside are still sealed in their original factory wrappers. In addition to the 40GB HDD (which fits into any PS2 with an internal expansion bay), the package also includes a broadband unit, user manuals, BBNavigator software, and a little bag of silica gel. With the HDD, PS2 players may enjoy PSU and FFXI as they were meant to be played with fast disc caching.

Pricing is set at US$115.00 per PS2 Internal HDD which includes UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. UPS Ground normally delivers in 1-5 days depending on your proximity to our location in New York City. Please note that our shop does not process transactions in real time and orders will be charged US$115 only. Disregard the shipping quotation.

Oct 6 Update: All HDDs are now sold. Thanks.