Friday, July 19, 2019

DC Comics Bishoujo Shazam! Mary (Shazam! Family) Import Preorder US$108.90

Product Synopsis
   Shazam! is now becoming a hot character in the DCEU with the release of the movie!

   From the Shazam! family comes Mary as a Bishoujo statue! The statue is based on a stylized rendering by BISHOUJO illustrator Shunya Yamashita!

   Revel at Mary with her innocent and energetic pose that perfectly depicts Shazam! family’s childlike personality while maintaining the looks of an adult! The metallic gold paint shines from every angle, and the soft pearly paint that sparkles on the cape is something that can only be seen on figures. The magical “SHAZAM!” that is practically jumping out of thin air is also a must-see!

   Enjoy the ever-expanding BISHOUJO series that will be sure to impress in person!

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2019 at US$108.90.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H21.5cm (8.46") 1/7 Scale
Product SKU: 4934054011131 / DC041
Sculptor: James Marsano
Japanese Title: DC COMICS美少女 メアリー シャザム!ファミリー
Territory/Language: Japan

Thursday, July 18, 2019

 TOYS Desktop Army Fate/Grand Order (Set of 3) Reissue Preorder US$60.90

Product Synopsis
   The heroines of Fate/Grand Order are inducted into the Desktop Army lineup of miniature figures from MegaHouse! The three characters in the set are:

1. Saber/Altria Pendragon
2. Ruler/Jeanne d'Arc
3. Shielder/Mash Kyrielight
   Each figure measures 8cm tall and features articulated limbs for posing purposes. A clear display base is included with each figure.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2019 at US$60.90 per set of three.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H8cm (3.14")
Product SKU: 4535123825095
Japanese Title: デスクトップアーミー Fate/Grand Order 1BOX
Territory/Language: Japan

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

 TOYS Pocket Monsters Tsunagete Kawaii (Pokemon Steps 2) - Preorder US$50.90

Product Synopsis
   Pokemon lounge around on a spiral staircase in the second collection of Pokemon Steps which features six characters as follows:

1. Pikachu
2. Hitokage
3. Upah & Metamon
4. Yogiras
5. Iwanko
6. Blacky

   The theme of the new collection is the city after a rain storm with small puddles on the steps. The new collection of toys are stackable with the first collection. Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2019 at US$50.90 per set of six.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Rement
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H10cm (3.93")
Product SKU: 4521121204932
Japanese Title: つなげてかわいい!ポケモンの階段 〜雨上がりの街〜(
Territory/Language: Japan

Monday, July 15, 2019

 TOYS Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Clear Vehicle Set - Preorder US$30.90

Product Synopsis
   The starships and one imposing structure from the Star Wars Return of the Jedi movie are featured in Bandai's upcoming collection of four model kits as follows:

» X-Wing Fighter (1/144 Scale)
» Death Star II (1/2700000 Scale)
» Y-Wing Starfighter (1/144 Scale)
» Millennium Falcon (1/350 Scale)

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2019 at US$30.90 per set.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Bandai
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H23cm (9.05") 1/7 Scale
Product SKU: 4573102582126
Japanese Title: スター・ウォーズ 1/144 & 1/350 & 1/2700000 『スター・ウォーズ/ジェダイの帰還』 クリアビークルセット バンダイ
Territory/Language: Japan

Friday, July 12, 2019

 TOYS G.I. Joe Bishoujo Baroness - Preorder US$119.90

Product Synopsis
   The heroes of Hasbro's world's first action figure series "GI JOE" and the various characters of the evil corps "Cobra" who are planning to conquer the world will be reborn in Kotobukiya's BISHOUJO arrangement!

   The second edition following the popular first agent "Scarlett" has a lineup of super-spy "Baroness" from the evil secret organization "Cobra". In this product, Shunya Yamashita drew the concept art just for this figure conversion! She specializes in radical intelligence, uses a large number of weapons, and drives a variety of vehicles freely in a three-dimensional pose with a dazzling pose that scoops up its distinctive long hair.

   Like a cobra that uses the secret weapon supplied by the weapon merchant "Destro", the bodysuit also adds surface details of a different shape from the G.I. JOE team. More detailed improvement was given by original interpretation. It also comes with a submachine gun, which is one of her favorite weapons. The prototype was created by Mr. Komaki Toshijima (BUSUJIMAX) who continues to draw attention with its high formability and sense and has achieved the ultimate edition with a beautiful finish by digital sculpting. Please expect from G.I. JOE girl who decided that two or more characters will be expanded after this Cobra!

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2019 at US$119.90.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H23cm (9.05") 1/7 Scale
Product SKU: 4934054006205
Japanese Title: G.I. JOE美少女 バロネス
Territory/Language: Japan

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pokemon Series ARTFX J Professor Oak with Bulbasaur

Product Synopsis
   Kotobukiya presents the eleventh figure in the "Pokemon ARTFXJ" series! In order to talk about the world of Pokemon, Professor Oak is finally added to the lineup! There is a familiarity in the series for the good professor, and Oak is rendered into a three-dimensional toy based on the illustration drawn by Hitoshi Ariga. Professor Oak gives a gentle look as he watches over the players who grew up with Pokemon.

» The pen in the pocket and the metallic coating of the belt bring out the detailed charm in Professor Oak.
» Fans should notice that Professor Oak's notebook is full of sticky notes!
» It is also worthwhile to mention that Bulbasaur aka Fusigidaneo uses the strength of its body to deliver the "Tru no Muchi"!
» Please look forward to more in the Kotobukiya "Pokemon" figure series that will continue to expand in the future!

Dr. Oak: Height approx 210mm (base included)
Fushigi Dane: Height approx 60mm

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2019 at US$109.90.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H21cm (8.26") 1/8 Scale
Product SKU: 4934054011285
Japanese Title: ARTFX J ポケットモンスターオーキド博士 with フシギダネ
Territory/Language: Japan

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

 TOYS MAF Monster Action Figure Kanegon - Preorder US$129.90

Product Synopsis
   A new spin-off series of superhero action figures appears with the debut figure being Kanegon from the Ultra Q and Ultraman television series! The distinctive design of the beast's disc-shaped head, his frog-like large mouth and snail-like eyes, have all been rendered into a three-dimensional action figure with articulated limbs. Kanegon is fitted with joint parts that allow for free posing and comes with expressive hand parts as optional attachments.

Parts included
・Kanegon figure
・Hand parts (left and right), 2 sets (grip, open)

Total height: about 180 mm
Pre-painted Completed Figure
(C) Tsuburaya Pro

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2019 at US$129.90.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Evolution Toy
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H18cm (7.08")
Product SKU: 4582385573387
Japanese Title: モンスターアクションフィギュアシリーズ -円谷プロ編- カネゴン
Territory/Language: Japan

Monday, July 08, 2019

 TOYS Nendoroid One Punch Man Saitama (Reissue) Preorder US$40.90

Product Synopsis
   "Just a guy who's a hero for fun."

   From the popular anime "ONE-PUNCH MAN" comes a third release of the Nendoroid who obtained unrivaled power - Nendoroid Saitama! The characteristic round appearance of his head has been completely preserved in Nendoroid form!

   He comes with two head parts with different expressions - one with his standard unconcerned expression and one with a more serious expression to show off during battle scenes! He also comes with a super market packet to hold to display the calmer side of his life as well! Simply pick the parts and pose that you prefer, and enjoy the company of the invincible Saitama!


   Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2019 at US$40.90.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: H10cm (3.93")
Product SKU: 4580416908863
Japanese Title: ねんどろいど ワンパンマン サイタマ
Territory/Language: Japan