Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Saints Row USA in stock

Join a gang dubbed the 3rd St. Saints and live it up like a thug by extorting businesses, thieving, and beating rival gangs. For gamers who want multi-player action, "Blinged Out Ride" features an enjoyable thrill where perpetrators roll across the expanse of the city while pimping up their vehicles in garages. There is a lag factor to contend with in the online mode but that might just be our DSL letting us down this afternoon. Player-characters in the game are fully customizable in the creation function and some laughable "heroes" may be created from scratch. All export and domestic preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome. Note to European customers: Saints Row is region-free and will play on a European Xbox 360.

Star Fox Command USA in stock

Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy, Krystal and the rest of the star gang reunite to defend the Lylat System once again from an alien threat known as the Anglor. In the early missions, Fox and Slippy make up a crew of two but are joined by the other members of Starfox later in the game. Fox now pilots the Arwing II while Slippy jockeys around in the Bullfrog. Ship control is handled entirely through the stylus by swishing up, left, down, or right on the touch screen while the d-pad or the L-trigger fires lasers. To execute special commands, stylus scratching is required where a quick circular scribble to the left sends the Arwing II into a barrel roll...

PSU Net Cash Card Update

The PC and PS2 versions of Phantasy Star Universe are expected to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Please note however that our vendor in Japan who helped us procure the Net Cash cards purchased the Phantasy Star Universe branded versions which Sega is shipping to them. Shipping as in through the postal service. Which means they won't receive them until early next week. No pickups were allowed.

When we received the news overnight, we checked with some other contacts in Japan to purchase standard Net Cash cards but unfortunately, they wanted an 80% to 100% markup if they helped us purchase them. NCS understands that their time and efforts are valuable but to gouge us a minimum of 80% for a bulk order of Net Cash was unwarranted. As such, we ask that our customers wait for the shipment of Net Cash from our main supplier who only charged a 15% deputy mark up.

Due to the Sega shipping delay, we will ask our vendor to email us the codes from the back of the Net Cash cards when they receive them and we'll relay them to customers who ordered the NCC. This way, we can get the information to customers as soon as possible without waiting for a physical shipment from Japan to New York. An email update will be sent to everyone who placed a preorder for the PSU + Net Cash this morning.

FFIII Crystal Edition Price Drop

As expected, prices for the Final Fantasy Crystal Edition have dropped to US$318.47 based on this morning's Japanese yen to dollar exchange rate. If you are interested in confirming your preorder at the new price, you can reply to the email that was sent out earlier this morning and we will order the bundle for you and ship on Thursday or Friday of this week. Please note that we cannot accept any cancellation once you confirm since we will be paying the higher price for the unit on your behalf.

Our customers may also continue to wait for the prices to drop further as we expect they will in the next week or two. Now that some vendors have started the ball rolling in terms of price depreciation, it'll accelerate if the new price level doesn't find bulk buyers. NCS will keep our customers posted as we receive new offers from our suppliers in Japan. New orders are also welcome to ship this week at the new price.

Capcom Girls Collection Morrigan

The daughters of Lilith are man hungry succubi who alight upon their prey during the twilight hours. In popular culture, Morrigan of Vampire fame is perhaps the sexiest succubus. Ever. Fully aware of her appealing stature, Yamato opens preorders for a 1/6 scale polystone statue where the green-haired and purple-spandex-suited warrior lounges back and crosses her legs. Her shiny stiletto boots look like they could do some major damage if kicked out at the right time. Or the wrong time, depending on your perspective. Preorders ship in mid-late November at ¥19800 or US$195.

Dead or Alive Cushions and Towels

Tecmo has started preorders for huggable cushions and face towels based on the gals of Dead or Alive Xtreme. When sleepy time beckons, fall unconsciousness with one of three cushions which measure 120 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm (47.24 x 11.81 x 7.87") and feature Kasumi, Ayane, or Lei-Fang. After a fitful night of sleep, wake up in the morning and rinse your greasy face with one of five DOA face towels which measure 35 cm x 46 cm (13.77 x 18.11") and feature Kokoro, Hitomi, Kasumi, Lei-Fang, and Ayane.

Rio Cushions and Tumblers

If the gals of Dead or Alive aren't your cup of tea, Rio might be what you're looking for when it comes to near life-size cushions. Measuring 120 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm (47.24 x 11.81 x 7.87"), two versions of Tecmo's Rio cushion are available for preorder today. The first variant features the red headed casino dealer decked out in her black leather work uniform and the other with Rio relaxing at the beach in a 2-piece bikini. Note the tan lines from her previous tanning sessions. Pricing is set at ¥12000 or US$130 from NCS.

Tecmo has also started preorders for two Rio-themed tumblers which measure 15 cm tall and hold about 16 ounces of beverage. The first variant features Rio on the beach in a 2-piece bikini and the second shows Rio in her work duds. Pricing is set at an impressive ¥5800 or US$55 from NCS. Remember, this is just a tumbler. It's not crystal nor does it include a week's worth of Pocari Sweat. No, all you get for $55 is a tumbler. Preorders ship in mid-late November 2006.

RAH Rei Ayanami Battle Damaged

Medicom released Real Action Heroes versions of Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami earlier this summer. Both figures were wholesome and whole in their plug suits. When December 2006 rolls around, Medicom plans on shipping a battle damaged version of Rei Ayanami under the RAH series where the blue-haired moppet looks all busted up. Rei wears thick, mummy-like bandages on her right arm, more bandages encircle her head, and a patch over her right eye makes her look like a scurvy pirate. The new figure measures 30cm (11.81") tall and an extra pair of hands are included inside the window-packaging. To ensure that Rei stands up and shows off her battle bandages, a display stand with stabilizing bracer is included with the figure. Pricing is set at ¥12800 or US$130 from NCS.

Monsieur Bome Vol. 16 and 17

Kaiyodo has opened up preorders for Monsieur Bome 16 and Monsieur Bome 17 which feature new renditions of Oni-Musume She Devil. Hiroyuki Utattane's fiery heroine has appeared twice before in the Monsieur Bome series (Vol. 1 and Vol. 3) along with repaints.
In Monsieur Bome 16, She Devil prowls on all fours with her right arm wrapped around a cudgel. Her pose allows for a comprehensive analysis of all of her parts. She Devil sits in Monsieur Bome 17 and hikes her legs up to form a neat and compact reverse V shape. Both Bomes are scheduled to ship in mid-late October 2006.