Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PSU Net Cash Card Update

The PC and PS2 versions of Phantasy Star Universe are expected to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Please note however that our vendor in Japan who helped us procure the Net Cash cards purchased the Phantasy Star Universe branded versions which Sega is shipping to them. Shipping as in through the postal service. Which means they won't receive them until early next week. No pickups were allowed.

When we received the news overnight, we checked with some other contacts in Japan to purchase standard Net Cash cards but unfortunately, they wanted an 80% to 100% markup if they helped us purchase them. NCS understands that their time and efforts are valuable but to gouge us a minimum of 80% for a bulk order of Net Cash was unwarranted. As such, we ask that our customers wait for the shipment of Net Cash from our main supplier who only charged a 15% deputy mark up.

Due to the Sega shipping delay, we will ask our vendor to email us the codes from the back of the Net Cash cards when they receive them and we'll relay them to customers who ordered the NCC. This way, we can get the information to customers as soon as possible without waiting for a physical shipment from Japan to New York. An email update will be sent to everyone who placed a preorder for the PSU + Net Cash this morning.

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