Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PS3 Preorder Updates

«©NCSX» The remainder of the PS3 launch games have been posted up for preorder and confirmed for shipping on November 11 along with a GT Force RX steering wheel from Logitech.

We normally receive the production quantity for Japanese software titles but the print run numbers are missing for the PS3 releases. However, we're assuming that software print runs for "sure things" such as Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam: Target in Sight will be ~100,000 to match the PS3 hardware launch production number in Japan.
11/06 GT Force RX Logitech
11/11 ChillStream Controller Logitech

Genji: Kamui Souran SCEI

Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight Bandai

Resistance: Jinrui Botsuraku no Hi SCEI

Ridge Racer 7 Bandai
12/07 Motorstorm SCEI

Silver PS2 Re-Design

The default color scheme of the PS2 has been black since its inception in 1999. For the Japanese market, a rainbow assortment of color variants have been released through the years including a Sakura Pink model, a Gold Gundam variant, and a Midnight Blue PS2. When Sony released their slim PS2 console in the USA and Japan, they also went with black at the outset and eventually shipped a Ceramic White variant to market in Nihon.

Instead of releasing a white slim-style PS2 for the U.S. market, Sony goes metallic with a silver Playstation 2 which includes a silver Dual Shock 2 controller. Scheduled to ship next week, the silver PS2 hasn't been released in Japan yet so it's a North American exclusive and we're looking forward to exporting a few dozen cases to customers in Asia and Japan. Pricing is set at the standard rate of US$135 and preorders are welcome. NCS recommends USPS Express Mail for our international customers which is a trackable and insured service which normally delivers within 3-5 days depending on unencumbered Customs clearance.

NDS Card Storage Solutions

Epoch has started preorders for NDS game storage pouches measuring 11x18cm which feature New Super Mario Bros on their faces. Six colors are on offer and preorders ship in mid-late January 2007.

Yujin has also started preorders for NDS game storage cases which are designed to look like miniature books and have sleeves to hold three cards. Six styles are available for preorder to ship in late Jan 2007.

Disney Key Holder

Keys are generally humdrum with little to distinguish one from the other. The teeth look the same and the the colors are basically silver and gold without variation. Until now.
Yujin has started preorders for a set of Disney key holders where the lovable mugs of marquee characters may be mounted atop a key. For example, squeeze Winnie the Pooh on top of your house key and use Stitch for the office. If you're saddled with more keys than that, there's four more characters that may be used to differentiate your keys from each other. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2007.

Pokemon Touch Pens

With the abundance of touch pens released for the NDS recently, NCS is considering targeting them at another demographic: shoppers.
At stores which have transaction touch pads at the checkout line, shoppers are invited to scribble their signatures on an electronic screen. The pens tethered to the side of the screen may be grimy, greasy, or germy. To avoid grasping something that thousands of other folk have grabbed, take hold of your Pokemon Touch Pen attached to your ever present cell phone and sign your John Hancock on the digital dotted line. No muss and no fuss... Preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2007.