Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PS3: All backorders shipping today

NCS Update: 11:50AM EST
Every PS3 (20GB and 60GB) order submitted over the weekend up until this morning will be shipped today. Email notifications and tracking information have been mailed out to our customers as of yesterday morning. Please note that tracking numbers are generally activated after 7PM EST. If you did not receive the confirmation and you rely on Hotmail or Yahoo as your primary email account, please check your "Trash" folder since our email may have been forwarded to that folder.

Stock Situation: 20GB PS3
consoles are currently available for immediate shipment this afternoon but 60GB models are sold out as of the time stamp above. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, please note that NCS will suspend new PS3 import shipments until next week. It doesn't appear that our vendors have inventory on hand in any case until the upcoming weekend when new shipments are expected to be released to the market. If things go according to plan, NCS will restock 60GBs by Nov 27.

Caltoy Koala Plush

Koalas are gentle creatures content with munching on eucalyptus leaves and lounging on eucalyptus trees. Round in shape and slow of speed, evolution hasn't served the Koala's cause in an increasingly faster world. Thousands are killed by cars and mongrels each year and the population has dipped precariously to roughly 100,000. Caltoy honors the species with a cuddly 42cm plush which holds its arms out as if attempting to hug a tree. Three colors are on offer - grey, aqua, and pink. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2007.

Dragon Quest Crystal Monsters Cube

Dragon Quest Monsters toys, games, bottlecaps, cards, and trinkets were the rage a few years ago but the fad has faded for the most part. Despite a potentially cool reception when they're released, Square goes back to the well and announces DQ monsters figures which are permanently encased in perfect crystalline cubes of lucite.
Six styles are on offer with five monsters captured in 32 x 32mm cubes while the sixth monster, a purple dragon, is held within a 50 x 50mm block. Pricing is set at US$30 for a complete set of six and preorders are scheduled to ship in mid-late February 2007.

Nyoro-Nyoro Huggable Plush

«©NCSX» Known as Hattifatteners in their native land of Sweden, the strange worm-like creatures hail from the Moomins books by Tove Jannson. When the Moomins reached Japan in the 90s, the Hattifatteners became known as Nyoro-Nyoro which translates to "Slither-Slither." There's been a revival of Moomins related products recently and a huggable Nyoro-Nyroro plush has been added to the upcoming product list. Measuring an impressive 61cm or 21" in length and as nearly as thick as a fire plug, the Hattifatteners are meant to be hugged as the maiden in the photo so ably demonstrates. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2007.

Tachikoma Plushie

«©NCSX» The Tachikoma is arguably the best mech in existence. Forget Gundam, Votoms, Mazinger, and even the Evangelion. Give us a couple of Tachikoma and we'd rule the world.... or at least take over the local bodega. To celebrate the greatness and abject superiority of the Tachikoma against all other mecha, Japanese manufacturer Cospa has started preorders for a big blue plush which measures 33 x 25 cm (12.99 x 9.84") in dimension. The product photos make the Tachikoma look massive but its really not that big. Nonetheless, it is the biggest Tachikoma toy that we've seen for far. Preorders ship in mid-late February 2006 at JPY6000 but please note that shipping costs will be lofty. NCS sets tentative pricing at US$85 per plush.

Turkey Day

Thursday is a national holiday in the United States known as Thanksgiving. On that day, millions of turkeys are sacrificed and eventually consumed over the course of the following week. At first, the turkey is served whole on a platter but as its carcass is whittled down, its flesh is used in sandwiches, soups, and even eaten right off the bones. NCS will be on hiatus on Thursday but we'll resume normal trading on Friday.