Friday, October 06, 2006

Disgaea USA reproduction

Atlus USA has announced a new production of the popular "Disgaea" game which ships in approximately 2 weeks. Preorders are welcome at US$49. After skimming current auctions and listings from vendors selling the game, the price for Disagaea ranges between US$60 to US$80 so the new production should push prices downwards .

Borne from the fiery loins of the devil, the main character of Makai Senki Disgaea is literally a lil' devil. When old Beezlebub croaks, the path of ascension is unclear and Satan's spawn Lahar must prove himself by taking on all rivals and pretenders to the throne. Designed similarly to games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle and Hoshigami, characters battle in 3-D isometric tactical theaters. Conventional weaponry as well as magical spells may be used in the course of war and two comrades watch your back - a wispy devil girl named Etna (complete with forked tail) and a demon penguin named Plinian join your party at the outset of the game. Additional soldiers and fighters may be created with Nippon Ichi's Free Character Creation System.

Famitsu Wave DVD Nov. 2006

The November 2006 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD features cinema previews and magazine coverage of the following games:

» X360 Lost Odyssey | Lost Planet | Dead Rising
» NDS Gyakuten Saiban 4 | Pokemon Diamond | Pokemon Pearl
» PSP Monster Hunter Portable 2 | Ace Combat X
» PS2 Ryu Ga Gotoku 2 | Summon Night 4 | Honoo no Takkyubin
» WII Necro-Nesia

Anna Suzuki of Minisuka Police fame (12th season) appears in the Wave Idol Photo Studio shoot and a new magazine feature is introduced where five shops located in Akihabara are checked out and their operating hours listed. Pricing per issue is set at US$18.50 which includes USPS Media Mail shipping within the USA or US$25.50 for customers residing outside of the United States.

Pop'n Music 13 Limited Edition

Nyami and Mimi get into a carnival kind of mood by donning jester costumes and hamming it up for the thirteenth Pop 'n Music game. The Konamistyle Limited Edition of Pop'n Music 13 includes the following items in addition to the game:

» Pop'n Music Carnival slipcase
» Pop'n Music e-Amusement Pass pouch
» Sheet of Pop'n Music Carnival decals
» Pop'n Music Carnival poster
» Pop'n Music stencil card
» V-Rare Soundtrack Vol. 15

Photos of the items may be viewed on the following link. Preorders has shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome at US$115 per pack.

Front Missions Ultimate Hits

Square Enix re-releases three Front Mission games on the original Playstation this week and includes a bonus Front Mission Trading Arts+ figure with every copy of the game.

In stock and shipping today:

» Front Mission 2 : 2102: The Alordesh Coup d'Etat

» Front Mission 3 : 2112: The MIDAS Incident

» Front Mission Alternative : 2034: The African Conflict

Pricing is set at US$25 per game and preorders have shipped as of yesterday. New orders are welcome to ship today.

Front Mission 5 + Bonus

Ten years after the first Front Mission captured tactical gamers with its upgradeable Wanzers, isometric playfields, and import friendly game play, Square issues the seventh game in the series. Front Mission Gunhazard and Front Mission Alternative were action-based adjuncts that are not counted chronologically in Square's numbering scheme. In the fifth Front Mission, players take on the role of Walter Feng, a Wanzer handler for the U.S.N. who is caught up in the long-running war against the O.C.U.

All orders for Front Mission 5 Ultimate Hits will include a bonus Front Mission Trading Arts+ figure, courtesy of Square Enix. «NCS Game Notes»

Shinobido Imashime The Best

A masked warrior suffering from a bout of amnesia doesn't forget how to kill in Acquire's ninja outing. Set in a period of feudal Japan when warring states were in conflict, a ninja named Goh the Crow and a fellow assassin named Zaji the Hawk perform stealth kills, wall walking, assassinations, and other twilight death dealing. Enemies have been given a higher level of logical autonomy where warriors will call on fellow guards and comrades if Goh is detected. Since missions will require that villages be infiltrated, Goh will have to rely on distraction as well as stealth to reach his objectives. A Mission Editor is included in the program which allows the creation of custom crafted levels peppered with smidgeons of your genius. «NCS Game Notes»

Coating Filter DS Lite

Japanese manufacturer AM3 releases their own screen filter for the Nintendo DS Lite which consists of two crystal clear pieces of semi-rigid plastic. Illustrated instructions are included which guide the installer into pulling red or blue tabs to release the filters onto the screens of the Nintendo DS Lite. Slap one filter on the touch screen and it's instantly protected from fingerprints, dust, and assorted oily residues. Drop the other filter on the top screen and you're done. The filters feature anti-glare properties and smooth surfaces so that your stylus won't stutter and skip when rubbing against them.

Economical Shipping

Please note that NCS will ship the screen protector to U.S. customers with regular first class mail in a padded envelope at a shipping cost of 0.88 (2.2 oz mail piece) if ordered alone. Please disregard what the checkout shipping cost is, since we cannot edit it to show 0.88.

If you reside outside of the USA, we will still ship with the lowest cost possible in a normal padded letter which should be approximately US$1.50 to most countries.

Sale of the Day - Old Candy Toys

Update: Oct 8, 2006 at 2:20PM EST. ALL SOLD OUT.

History haunts NCS as we dig into the depths of our primary warehouse and find products that have been long forgotten. Today, NCS unearths boxes of old candy toys that have been lying dormant for about 8 years. Pokemon, Doraemon, and Crash Bandicoot are represented in today's offer and each Candy Toy Set contains the following items:

» Three cartons of Pokemon tape which spools from a plastic Pokeball
» Two cartons of Pokemon Field toys which contains a miniature Pokemon and a little course
» Once carton containing a single Doraemon figure
» Five cartons of Crash Bandicoot trading cards

Please note that the toys include wrapped pieces of candy but since the sweets are nearly a decade old, we'd recommend restraint if you're considering consuming them.

Pricing is set at US$30.00 per set which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Priority Mail normally delivers in 2-3 days depending on your proximity to our location in New York City. Please note that our shop does not process transactions in real time and orders will be charged US$30 only. Disregard the shipping quotation. Multiple sets of this item are available for sale.