Monday, October 30, 2006

Utawareru Mono Limited Edition

Originally released on the PC in 2002 by Leaf, Utawareru Mono undergoes a few updates and is reissued on the Playstation 2 to reach a wider audience. The PS2 upgrade of the game features full voice acting, a new battle system, a new character, and new visual events have been added for good measure.

The limited edition of Utawareru Mono includes a Utawarerumono Visualworks book which spans 100 pages. The first 20 pages feature color artwork of the characters and profiles of the leads including Hakuoro and Eruru. Hakuoro's main allies also make it in the book. Some of the works appear to be fan submissions including one which depicts the scene when Eruru held up a mirror so Hakuoro could look at himself. The scene is recounted in the game as well.

The remainder of the book is in black & white and contains character development sketches, items in the world, storyboard set-ups, location sketches, and unfinished pencil artwork. The last image in the book is a black & white group drawing of the major characters in the game.

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