Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dragon Quest Swords

Back in the day, Neo Geo fans were treated to a little diversion called Crossed Swords. In that game, players viewed enemies head-on and slashed out attacks with simple button presses. Square tested this type of entertainment in 2003 with their dedicated Kenshin Dragon Quest TV game which used Xavix motion-sensing technology to register the weapon of choice - a plastic sword. To play, gamers wielded the sword and swung at the air like their lives depended on it to defeat Slime, Magicians, Skeletons, and other foes intent on death and destruction.

As we pass the midway point of 2007, Square Enix serves up the sequel to Kenshin Dragon Quest where players wield the Wiimote and slice and thrust like a nameless hero possessed. When faced with a gang of Slime, swish the Wiimote in a right-to-left trajectory and watch as the onscreen monsters are damaged. Encounter a dracky and thrust the Wiimote forward repeatedly to poke it from the air. Special attacks may also be meted out to deal extra hurtful damage on rollicking creatures. Unlike Kenshin Dragon Quest, the hero does not fight alone - he's joined by comrades including a pompous prince and his very own poppy.

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