Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pop'n Music 14 Fever

In the 1980s, a form of music known as Italo Disco hit Japan and became a sensation. NCS recalls Italo Disco becoming pretty big in Hong Kong in the 80s as well but not to the extent that it captured Japan. Notable names in Italo music include Giorgio Moroder (Together in Electric Dreams), Ken Lazlo (Tonight), C.C. Catch (Jump in my Car), and Fockewulf 190 (Body Heat). Listening to a sampling of the songs in PnM 14 this morning such as "1/6 billionth" by NAOKI and "Denki Dance" from Freddy Hotae, we're reminded of the catchy hooks and synth-pop sensibilities of Italo Disco. The mix is diverse however since the song "Craze for You" sounds like something the Ramones would wail and "Let's Go Out" from Ucchies <3 color="#00ffff"> is high energy J-Pop. The song "Akumajo Dracula Medley" spools together classic tunes from the Akumajou games.

Pop'n Music 14 was released in Japanese arcades on May 17, 2006 and the game migrates to the home consoles a little more than a year later. The PS2 conversion features new songs, new characters, and a new mini-game challenge where 14 micro-games are played in quick succession ala Made in Wario. Tried and true game modes such as Taisen Mode, Challenge Mode, and Battle Mode return to mix up the action. «more»

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