Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TFC Shooting Game Historika SP - Preorder

NCS started preorders for Yujin's SR Shooting Game History gashapon on August 6, 2007 but another offer for the same exact toys has popped up on distributor's release schedules. The toys from the original gashapon offer are still scheduled to ship next month but the new TFC Shooting Game Historika SP collection is expected to ship in February 2008 at a price of JPY3996 per factory box of 12 randomly packaged toys.

Looking over the names of the ships and the toy designs from the new collection, there's no difference from the original gashapon ships. However, the new set is packaged in blind cardboard boxes and a total of 9 ships and color variants are included. The source games and ships are:

R-Type featuring R-9A Arrow-Head (original and color variant)
» Image Fight featuring 0F-1 Daedalus (original and color variant)
» Gradius featuring Vic Viper T301 (only original color)
» Gradius 2 featuring Metarion (original and color variant)
» Darius Gaiden featuring Silver Hawk (original and color variant)

Pricing for the TFC Shooting Game Historika SP collection is set at JPY3996 or US$45 per factory sealed box of 12 from NCS. A factory case should include all nine ships + color variants and three duplicates. Preorders will ship in late Feb 2008.

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