Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ryuusei no RockMan 2 Berserk x Shinobi - New, In Stock

Taking place a couple of months after the events of the original Ryuusei no Rockman, TK City serves as the backdrop for the sequel where Subaru Hoshikawa and War-Rock reprise their roles. The game features online battles, the Star Carrier (updated Transer/wave scanner), and an updated battle system. Three Transformations are featured: Fire Dinosaur, Green Shinobi, and Thunder Berserk. Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts) are used in conjunction with Transformations to create Double Tribe combinations such as Berserk Dinosaur, Berserk Shinobi, Dinosaur Berserk, Dinosaur Shinobi, Shinobi Berserk, and Shinobi Dinosaur. A seventh transformation known as Tribe King is also available. «G-Notes»

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