Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 TOYS Macross 1/60 Perfect Trans VF-0D Phoenix Kudo Shin Model - Import Preorder $359.90

Product Synopsis 
    The VF-0 Phoenix fighter piloted by Shin Kudo in the Macross Zero animation series is brought to life in a 1/60 scale model kit courtesy of Arcadia. Accessories in the package incude a gun pod, pilot figures for Shin and Edgar, medium-range air-to-air missile, missile launcher, display stand attachment, and decals.

    Preorders ship in late February 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Arcadia
  Dimensions: H32cm (12.59" in Battroid mode)
  Material: ABS, POM, Zinc Alloy
  Japanese Title: 1/60 完全変形 マクロスゼロ VF-0D フェニックス 工藤シン搭乗機
  Jan Code: 4582482820759
  Territory/Language: Japan 


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