Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 HOME Owl Night Light - Import Preorder $28.90

Product Synopsis 
    Banish the darkness with a little owl
night light which is fitted with a sensor on top which causes it to power on for 20 seconds and hoot audibly when dusk arrives. For those who want the owl light to be on all the time, a switch in the back toggles off the sensor so that the owl shines like a beacon 24/7 or as long as the batteries last. The owl light is available in yellow, blue, and orange and runs on three LR44 batteries.

    Preorders ship in November 2014.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Dreams
  Dimensions: W85 × H100 × D85mm (W3.34 x H3.93 x D3.34")
  Material: ATBC-PVC / ABS,  LR44 battery × 3 units
  Japanese Title: オウル ナイト ライト
  Jan Code: 4542202424827 / 4542202424834 / 4542202424841 (VRT42482 / VRT42483 / VRT42484)
  Territory/Language: Japan 


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