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 PS3 Hakuna Matata - Sale US$32.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
March 02, 2010
«©NCSX» A week-long safari in Africa will set you back about US$5000 this year for a single person. Rates are going up to US$6000+ next year because... everything else is going up. NCS recommends Tanzania but we hear Kenya also offers a prime viewing experience. By going on a safari, travelers get to check out how the animals live in the wild and experience nature in all of its raw primal glory. By primal, we mean lions chasing down zebras, buffalo grazing in groups, and elephants trudging around with steadfast determination. Then there are the cheetahs that hang out in the trees while waiting for the sun to stop beating down on their backs and baby baboons playing in the brush with nary a care in the world.

   A safari is a sizable investment in both time and resources. Not everyone can go out like that. For the next best thing to being there, Sony presents Afrika which is basically a safari simulator. Drive out on a jeep or take to the air in a hot-air balloon to view the mighty expanse of Africa and all of its furry denizens in the wild. Instead of behind bars in a prison zoo. The Asian version of the game features an English language option as well as Chinese.

   The Playstation 3 The Best re-release of Hakuna Matata contains the same game as the original release at a lower price point.
Product Specifications
Product SKU: BCAS-20090
Jan Code: 4948872960908
Publisher: Sony
Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
Language: Chinese, English
Format: Blu-Ray Disc (Single-Layer)
Chinese Product Name: 非洲 哈庫拉馬塔塔
Website: http://www1.jp.sonystyle.com/Qnavi/Product/BCJS-30021/

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