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 PS1 Leiji Matsumoto Galaxy Express 999 - Sale US$39.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 14, 2001
«©NCSX» Galaxy Express 999 uses two methods to relay the story of the anime in an edited and condensed form. There's an animation to set up the story and a polygon rendered representation of key scenes from the original animation. After the movie, you eventually gain control of Tetsuro and bound about in action-adventure with what appears to be over 40 sequential scenarios. An easy comparison game in terms of style would be Megaman Legends.

   In the first episode, a pilot of a small starship loses control of his vehicle and crashes into the Galaxy Express. Both tumble down into a planet which seems a strange amalgam of the wild west and a desert city. Tetsuro's first adventure finds him entering the town with the pilot of the starship to find help and necessary parts to repair the GEX. An indication of how friendly the people are on the planet comes from an old codger who shoots at Tetsuro when he nears the man's ranch and a guard in the town who denies exit whenever Tetsuro tries to leave.

   A loose camera follows the action with free flowing versatility and conversations with people are triggered with a button press. Gameplay works nicely and relays the ambience of the Galaxy Express very well. Fans of the series will likely be deliriously happy to see Tetsuo and Maetel in an interactive setting. Others may find a grand introduction to one of Leiji Matsumoto's most endearing works. 
Product Specifications
Matsumoto Reiji 999: Story of Galaxy Express 999
Release Date in Japan: June 14, 2001
Product SKU: SLPS-03220 / JAN Code: 4983164734744
Publisher: Banpresto
Compatibility: Playstation (Japan-Only)
Language: Japanese
Format: CD-Rom
Japanese Title: 松本零士999

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