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 GC Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Sale US$49.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 20, 2001
The Dreamcast no longer hold exclusivity to the Sonic franchise as the blue blur sprouts up on other consoles, following Sega's new decree for world domination. Playing and looking nigh identical (from our early impressions this morning) to the DC edition, Sonic Adventure 2 may be viewed as a faithful port with new appendages. The Battle in the Gamecube version of Sonic Adventure 2 refers to the new battle mode found in the game. Choose a character from the Sonic stable and pilot a chao mech into war against a similarly equipped foe. Other mini games in GC Sonic include competitive racing (a natural) and scavenger hunts.

   Another GC game bonus is the GBA exchange program. Ferret out a chao from the garden in Sonic Adventure 2 transfer it, via GC to GBA link cable, to Sonic Advance on your GBA. Once there, you can train the chao by feeding it, nurturing it, and chao eggs may be cultivated. These eggs are then transferred back to the Gamecube version of Sonic 2 where they'll hatch and grow according to how you raise them for the ultimate task of racing them against competitors.

Product Specification
Publisher: Sega
Japan Title: ソニックアドベンチャー2バトル
Jan Code: 4974365870034 / DOL-P-GSBJ

Territory/Language: Japan
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