Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 TOYS Daydream Collection Vol. 11 ER Nurse Miyu Ver. 1.5 White - Import Preorder $120.90

Product Synopsis
    Emergency room Nurse Miyu holds a tubular contraption in her hand and straddles a bed in Lechery's 'Daydream Collection' figure which is barely dressed in dainty skivvies and a willowy white lab coat.

   Preorders ship in December 2014.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Lechery
Jan Code: 4560266123548
Height: 1/6 scale
Material: PVC
Japan Title: デイドリーム・コレクション vol.11 ERナース 美憂 ver.1.5 ホワイト:1/6キャンディレジン完成品
Territory/Language: Japan


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