Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 PS2 Chobits - Sale US$28.90 Free shipping in USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: May 15, 2003

   High school student Motosuwa Hideki struggles in cram school to make a bid for Tokyo University. The game recounts the storyline of the manga/anime where Hideki finds a Persocon (Personal Computer, in the shape of a girl) while going home from work. He lugs the PC home and turns her on (in an exotic place) and she immediately yelps "Chii." Once the player gains control, the storyline is laid out and Hideki eventually names her Chii since that is all she is capable of uttering. One of the first locations Hideki visits for help is his friend Shimbo's house, which is graced by the presence of many maid Persocons dressed in revealing outfits. Chii causes the maid Persocons to break down until they lie around her in a heap. Hideki and friends then have to figure out what Chii is and help her learn and adapt to the world. Perhaps she is a Chobit, a legendary type of Persocon, which is capable of emotions and independent thought.

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Brand new, factory sealed, mint condition inventory

Publisher: Broccoli
Japanese Title: ソフト/ちょびっツ
Jan Code: 4510417030409 / SLPM-65255
Language: Japanese


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