Monday, September 15, 2014

 PSV Dekamori Senran Kagura - Import Preorder

Product Synopsis 
   Dekamori SENRAN KAGURA (Bon Appétit!) sees the girls battle it out in a cooking competition held by Master Hanzo, with the grand prize for winning the contest being a magical ninja scroll.

 Each of the characters has their own personal motivation to enter and win the competition, and these stories are told over five separate ‘cooking battles’ against other characters. The storyline for each character is typical of other titles in the franchise, with plenty of offbeat humor and over the top cutscenes.

    In addition to the regular edition of the game, a limited edition which includes a copy of Senran Kagura Shinovi VS, a booklet and soundtrack, and DLC is also available for preorder.

    Preorders ship on November 27, 2014.


  Product Specification
Publisher: Marvelous
  Territory/Language: Japan
  Japanese Title: デカ盛り 閃乱カグラ | デカ盛り 閃乱カグラ SHINOVIパック
  Jan Code: 4535506302298 / VLJM-35143 | 4535506302304 /

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