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NCS Product Synopsis
Update: November 15, 2007
«©NCSX» Back in 1989, Hudson debuted the original Dungeon Exploreron the PC-Engine and gamers hungry for dank dungeon spelunking were sated. Nearly 20 years after the original game, Hudson releases an updated PSP version which features "Diablo" design sensibilities mixed with Gauntlet Legends action. A rudimentary story ties the action together but at its core, DEX is a hack 'n slasher where quests are granted by the Izark Town Guild.

   At the outset of the game, character creation is straightforward with options for sex, job, and race which affect the attributes that a hero starts off with. Movement is handled through the analog nub while the d-pad selects items from an onscreen menu. The single-player mode allows a gamer to explore and crawl by his lonesome but the wireless cooperative mode gives up to four players the chance to team up and form a dungeon conquering gang. In the single-player mode, up to three NPCs can join the party and fight monsters on their own volition.

   A wide range of 150 different weapons are available to use include swords, daggers axes, staffs, crossbows, and other armaments. The game engine generates dungeons randomly so that each experience is new and unique. Per usual dungeon exploration convention, monsters populate the levels and treasures in chests may be plundered for winnings.

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New, mint condition inventory
Publisher: Hudson
Japan Title:
ダンジョンエクスプローラー 盟約の扉
Jan Code: 4988607051174 / ULJM-05164

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