Tuesday, August 05, 2014

TOYS San-X All Stars Oheya De Gardening - Import Preorder US$22.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Japanese manufacturer System Service recruits the characters of San-X for a gardening product which gives children and adults a way to grow carrots, radishes, basil, daikon, and more with little muss nor fuss. Each kit includes a small pot, soil, a marker, and a pack of seeds. Once the seedlings sprout and the cotyledons emerge, would be farmers can watch as the plants grow and prosper for a potentially bountiful harvest. NCS will collect all six kits for and supply them at US$22.90. Preorders ship in November 2014.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: System Service
 Jan Code: 4560461009630
 Territory/Language: Japan


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