Tuesday, August 05, 2014

 TOY Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Pin Badge Set - Sale US$48.90

Product Synopsis
New and factory boxed official '
Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Pin Badge Set' which was offered exclusively by Club Nintendo for their Platinum Level customers in Japan. The set is still packaged in the original Club Nintendo mailer as photographed below and a total of 25 pin badges are packaged in the six containers inside the box.
     Please note NCS is supplying the official Nintendo version of the pin badges. There was a counterfeit version made of this item which may be found on Ebay where the colors of the boxes are different from the box colors shown below in photos #3 and #4. The counterfeit version features boxes which are single-color only whereas the official version's boxes are multi-colored as shown below.
     Orders are welcome to ship today at US$48.90 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the continental United States.  


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UncleBob said...

The "counterfeit" ones you mention on eBay - are those not the ones distributed by Nintendo of America for the American Club Nintendo?