Friday, August 22, 2014

 PSV Bullet Girls - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis 
Run and gun through 3D environs with gun-toting heroines who shoot first and ask later. Although guns are the conventional weaponry used in the game, the girls may also heft up bazookas to kill tanks and lob grenades for variety in the carnage. In addition to the shooting action, players may also engage the Bullet Girls by feeding them popsicles and massaging their bosoms with a virtual hand.

    For 149 years, young girls have banded together in the name of defense. Through relentless battles, they've been tested against countless formidable enemies and weapons. Their fight knows no end. High school girls who devote their youth to helping each other on the battlefield.

Product Specification
Manufacturer: D3 Publisher
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Japan Title:
Title: バレットガールズ
Publisher Website:

 Jan Code: 4527823997370

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