Friday, August 22, 2014

 3DS Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi: Shikatou Rinkai Tetsudou Hen - New Import US$65.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Take the reins of a locomotive in the shoes of a train conductor under the employ of the Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo company and ferry passengers from Mito Station to Kashima-Jingū Station on elevated tracks in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. As a virtual conductor, players take in the sights and scenery of the Japanese countryside which includes farmland, forests, paddies, and blazingly colorful blossoms. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Sonic Powered
Jan Code: 4560221911166 / CTR-P-ARKJ
Japanese Title:  鉄道にっぽん!路線たび 鹿島臨海鉄道編
Publisher website:
Territory/Language: Japan

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