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X360 Espgaluda II Black Label Limited Edition - Sale Offer US$95.00 shipped

NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: February 24, 2010

Espgaluda II is a vertically scrolling shooter but firing away isn't the only gist of the game. There's also gems to be collected. Lots of them which burst out of enemies when they're destroyed. Players will also find themselves weaving and dodging a maze of bullets which spiral and scatter throughout the screen. By strategizing and going into three types of Kakusei mode, players can maximize the score multiplier, throw up an auto-barrier, and affect bullet velocity. Game modes in the Xbox 360 port include an Xbox mode, a Novice mode, Arcade mode, and an Arrange mode for a bit of variation on the horizontal shooting action. In the sequel, a girl named Asagi joins the cast of Ageha and Tateha from the original Espgaluda as a playable hero. She's a scrawny runt at the outset of the game but watch how she does when she's at maximum power.

Pass the title screen and the options that appear are as follows:

 » Play
 » Score Attack
 » Training
 » Replay Data
 » Tutorial
 » Option
 » Exit

 If you've never played Espgaluda II, it might be worthwhile to visit the Tutorial section which contains multiple helpful primers for the "Black Label," "Xbox 360," and "Arrange" modes of Espgaluda II. If you're willing to rotate your monitor on its side, Espgaluda II features a "TATE" or vertical viewing aspect which is closer to the arcade view than the default "YOKO" horizontal viewing aspect.
 Region-Locked Japanese Import

    The Limited Edition of Espgaluda II Black Label is Region-Locked and only playable on Japanese Xbox 360 consoles. All preorders and new orders are shipping today. The limited edition of Espgaluda II ships with a bonus Ceceri faceplate which is an attractive and compelling collectible.

 Product Specifications

 Product SKU: K2F-00002
 Jan Code: 4988648710931
 Publisher: Cave
 Compatibility: Xbox 360 (Japan-Only)
 Language: Japanese
 Format: DVD-ROM (Dual-Layer)
 Japanese Title: エスプガルーダII ブラックレーベル

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