Thursday, August 08, 2013

 TOYS Rockman Figure Phone Strap - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Reservations are welcome for a set of six Rockman-themed phone straps which feature a Rockman character and a miniature recreation of the original Rockman game cartridge that said Rockman was featured in. The straps plug into the audio jack of a smart phone, mobile phone, or tablet. The set of six straps include:

 » Rockman
 » Rockman 2
 » Rockman 3
 » Rockman 4
 » Rockman 5
 » Rockman 6

    There's also a seventh figure but the manufacturer notice indicates that it is rare so we'll probably only get two of them in each bag of 50 capsules so it won't be included in the sets.

 » Rockman 4 Variant B (rare)

    Each Rockman figure measures 40mm (1.57") and preorders for the sets of six are welcome to ship in late October 2013.

Product Specifications
: System Service
Material: PVC
 Language: Japanese
 Japanese Title:
ロックマン フィギュアストラップ ノーマル
 Jan Code:

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