Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pikmin plush reproduction in February 2013

Sanei has announced a new production of the Pikmin 2 plushes which will ship in February 2013. Please note however that the 'Olimar' and 'Louie' plushes are not being produced in the new batch. Reservations are welcome to ship in late February or early March 2013. If there are any delays, we'll update our shop listing with more information. Pricing is set at JPY980 or US$16.90 per Pikmin plush and JPY2,200 or US$49.90 for the largish Chappi plush. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

anyone know where i can pre-order the bulborb/chappy plush where i'm not getting extorted? 50 bucks plush shipping for what is essentially being released in japan for 26 dollars is ridiculous.