Wednesday, September 08, 2010

TOYS Super Mario Bros Plush & Mascots - Japanese Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Some guys roll into town on a sweet 1970s station wagon with authentic wood paneling on the side. Can you say "vintage?" Other guys go to town on a horse. Y'know, those animals with four legs that whinny and can split a man's head open with one kick. Then there's Mario.

   Mario rides on a beast named Yoshi. Keep in mind that Mario weighs at least 250 lbs before lunch so Yoshi's carrying a real heavy load. If the visual of Mario upon Yoshi isn't materializing in your mind, Japanese manufacturer Sanei's going to get you clued in very soon. The Mario + Yoshi plush measures approximately 12" tall and the two heroes are sewn together so they're inseparable. It's unclear from the preorder details if the plush is capable of standing on its own but our guess would be NO... mainly because Mario weighs a lot.

   In addition to the Mario + Yoshi plush, preorders are welcome for a large number of other Super Mario Bros plushes from Sanei which are all shipping out in mid-late December 2010.  

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