Wednesday, September 08, 2010

JAMMA Warehouse Removal Item #2 Nine JAMMA Boards

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Back in the 90s when arcades were viable, NCS traded JAMMA boards with Japanese vendors on a weekly basis. We still do some trading but the frequency is down to twice a year. This listing is for nine somewhat dusty JAMMA boards and we're pretty sure some of them are broken. We don't have a cabinet at the old warehouse to test them and we're not sure what some of them are but we'll list details on each board below:

JAMMA #1: Sega 1987, 1989 - Might be a Shinobi System-16 board
JAMMA #2: Sega 1987, 1989 - Ajax Board (Boot-up error - bad eprom?
JAMMA #3: Konami and Video System logos on board
JAMMA #4: Konami, Banpresto, and Video System logos on board
JAMMA #5: Konami logo on board and Konami imprint on some chips
JAMMA #6: Namco logo on board along with mounted daughterboard
JAMMA #7: Memetron 1985 printed on top of board
JAMMA #8: Label on the top of the board reads "Top Gunner."
JAMMA #9: Konami logo on top along with Interlogic sticker

¹ A note attached to the Ajax board indicates that it returns an error message during the initial bootup sequence.

   Since we're not sure what most of the boards are, whether or not all the boards work, and because we won't have the time to test them this year, we're listing them at US$65.90 for the set of nine which includes free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the continental USA. If you're able to fix the bootup sequence on the Ajax board with an eprom redump, that's worth at least $50 by itself.

   When we were checking the boards, a blue capacitor started rolling around in the box that they were in. We'll include the loose cap in the shipment. NCS is selling the JAMMA boards AS-IS. We have about 2 more weeks before we vacate the old warehouse and most of the inventory has been moved or sold. We'll try selling whatever remains over the next few days in single lots as well as bulk lots. «NCS Photo Gallery» 

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