Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» For a long time, NCS collectively assumed that Tingle was a bona fide he-man woman hater in the strictest of terms. Like oil and water, Tingle and women simply didn't mix. Or so we thought.

In the upcoming Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip from Nintendo, Tingle is on a new quest but he's not in the hunt for rupees. No, the green-spandex-wearing jester in the mood for love (with the opposite sex) and we think he's going to find it. With a world of lovely women to choose from, Tingle lays it all on the line and musters up all of his best qualities to find a wife. Some of Tingle's favorable qualities include: manliness, masculinity, wealth, light-footed fleetness, and a fashion sense befitting of kings. Similar to the first Tingle adventure, we don't expect a stateside release but Europe will always be there for us. Preorders ship on August 6, 2009.


john said...

its a fantastic adventure game.


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Tom Terranova said...

I hope it doesn't take too long for the euro localisation. I wonder if I'd be able to figure out the japanese version. i loved the first one and it looks like they improved upon it with better touch screen support and more story driven gameplay (versus lots of hen pecking on fight clouds over and over). the whole "looking for love with a woman thing" this time aorund almost made me think i'd misjudged Tingle – until the trailer turns into the Wizard of Oz with Tingle as Dorothy. I wonder if Hard Gay will be back again for more appearances.