Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sonshi no Heihou DS - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, the author states that "All warfare is based on deception." One example from history is Castro's use of deception against his enemies and even his supporters to engineer the Cuban Revolution. Another example is the massive amount of propaganda used in World War II by both sides of the conflict.

The lesson of deception and other tactics used in war are all contained within the Sonshi no Heihou DS game card from Media-5 which presents the complete Art of War book in electronic format. You can sit down and read the book (in Japanese) but if you're weary of reading, a narration feature is available where a clear Japanese speaking voice reads the text so you can close your eyes and listen/absorb/learn. Preorders are welcome to ship on May 21, 2009 at JPY3800 or US$39.90 from NCS.

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