Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ougon no Kizuna - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» A bounty hunter named Rian teams up with Princess Ayna on a mission to stop the hordes and minions of a demon named Galvaran. We're getting a Gatsu vibe from the main character while the game itself is firmly in the 3D hack 'n slash genre. In addition to battling low-level monsters, Rian also contends against giants who may only be defeated by finding and exploiting their weak points.

Jaleco's president announced the confirmed date for the game on March 2, 2009 and Japanese distributors started preorders over the weekend. Reservations for the Japanese Wii import Ougon no Kizuna are welcome to ship on May 28, 2009 at JPY6800 or US$70.90 from NCS.

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