Thursday, March 12, 2009

IdolMaster Twins - Platinum Collection - New, In Stock

«©NCSX» IdolMaster is a little cottage industry that's been cashing in on the J-Pop idol phenomenon in Japan. The game allows players to manage a troupe of idols who are all invariably chipper, lively, and somewhat lovely. As a producer who's goal is to create entertaining shows, your duties include playing a button-tapping rhythm game that's evocative of Taiko no Tatsujin where the onscreen cues must be hit as they reach the target area so that the girls dance with spirit and verve. You'll also choose the proper showgirl garb for flashy stage visuals. The two IdolMaster games released for the Xbox 360 thus far have proven that there's an audience for J-Pop simulators and Namco's going back to the trough once more. IdolMaster Twins isn't a new game however. It's a bundling of the original IdolMaster game and its sequel Idolmaster Live: For You which are packaged in a special slipcase/sleeve featuring new artwork of the cast of characters.

NCS is curious if anyone who's already purchased both IdolMaster games is going to spend another ~$50 for what is essentially a new game sleeve. Collectors will probably spring for the Twins bundle but it's a pretty good assumption that everyone else is going to skip the purchase. On the flipside, the Twins bundle is a compelling value for new fans who don't have either game and are interested in testing the virtual J-Pop idol waters at a friendly price point. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

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