Friday, February 13, 2009

Excellent Model LTD Hanako Holstein Recharge - Preorder

«©NCSX» A "Holstein" generally refers to a dairy cow with a black and white color scheme. A "Holstein Hanako" refers to an attractive cat girl with a healthy bosom who wears white and black cow decorated apparel.

MegaHouse originally released the 1/8 scale Excellent Model version of Holstein Hanako in 2007 and the figure eventually sold out. To meet outstanding demand from fans and collectors, Megahouse has announced a "Limited" reproduction of the figure which ships in mid-late June 2009. Hanako is sculpted by OSIRIS where the "cow" girl in question is on bended knees and lifts her left hand. She's not waving to anyone but is rather providing a perch for a butterfly that alights upon her hand. Her face beams with childlike marvel as she looks at the insect and perhaps reminds us that there is wonderment in the smallest things. The Holstein Hanako figure is set at 1/8 scale and measures 14cm or 5.51"" in height. Hanako is fully assembled, painted, and ready for display. Preorders are welcome.

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