Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1054 - New Import, Subscriptions

«©NCSX» Ryu and Chun-Li do their dance on the cover of the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu which contains coverage on the following games and/or special events:

» Celebrities in Japan talk about what games they're playing this winter
» Street Fighter IV character roster and game information
» Mario & Luigi RPG 3 gets some love from Famitsu
» Continuing coverage on Monster Hunter G
» Even more continuing coverage on Biohazard 5 with screenshots and in-game details.

Please note this week's issue of Famitsu is a double issue (February 27, 2009 to March 6, 2009) and the magazine will not be printed next week. NCS is only accepting orders for annual subscriptions to. Famitsu Magazine. We are not able to sell single issues due to the supply contract with our Japanese print supplier.

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