Monday, December 29, 2008

DJ Max Portable Black Square - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» A few weeks ago, Pentavision released DJ Max Clazziquai Edition which featured the musical stylings of Korean music group Clazziquai which is made up of DJ Clazzi, Alex Chu, and Horan Choi. Whereas the Clazziquai Edition was designed for amateurs and average players, the Black Square Edition is targeted at "professionals" capable of tackling cues by smashing out inputs like a rhythm maniac. To this end, an 8-button mode is featured in the aptly named Professional Mode which Pentavision describes as "Crazy mix by using 8 buttons." In the OPTION menu, players may customize the buttons for 4B, 5B, 6B, 4BFX, and 6BFX to suit your preference. Once the game boots up, you'll be able to choose the language from Korean, English, or Chinese. True to form, the game is challenging with a smattering of cues that rain down with nonstop force and frequency.

Songs in the game include "I want you" by Lin G, "Sweet Shining Shooting Star" from Croove, "Heart of Witch" by ReX, and "Landscape" from Tsukasa. The game modes are as follows: Club Tour, Arcade Black Square, Network Battle, Collection, Link Disc, and Album.
The Link Disc function allows gamers to use tracks from the earlier DJ Max Portable games and the Album contains 16 tracks at the outset that may be played along with their respective videos. The Collection section collates assorted unlocked data such as Club Tour Emblems, Images, Movies, and the Internet Ranking Service.

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