Monday, June 02, 2008

Rhythm Tengoku Gold - Import Preorder

The original Rhythm (Heaven) Tengoku game for the Gameboy Advance sold over 300,000 copies. We recall having to restock the game many times until there was no more to be had from Japan. Fast forward two years and Nintendo starts preorders for a sequel which features more simple rhythm games.

Based on the content in the original Rhythm Tengoku, the mini-games are simple in scope but challenging in practice. To register hits, the button tapping had to be very precise. Any lag was generally registered as a miss as aptly demonstrated in the introductory beat meter exercise.

Rhythm Tengoku Gold (NDS リズム天国ゴールド) features another bunch of mini-games but this time, they require precise touch-pen tapping in tune with the onscreen cues. One game features an onscreen eater who chomps on a pie with your tapping help and another game features vegetable picking. Music producer Tsunku returns to oversee the music and rhythm action. NCS will post a full synopsis and game notes once we get to play the RTG... just because we're fans of the original. Preorders are welcome to ship on July 31, 2008 at US$38.90 from NCS.

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