Friday, April 25, 2008

Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper LE - New Import, In Stock

A game in which fairies and girls team up to clean is bigger than one single edition. There must also be an exclusive limited edition to encapsulate the totality of the concept. Feast your peepers on the L.E. version of Osouji Senntai Clean Keeper which is packaged with two bonus items. We expected more goodies but if Idea Factory only wants to parcel out two bonuses, that's okay. The LE just won't sell as briskly. The exclusive Clean Keeper gifts are:

» A set of five puffy stickers which feature the fairies found in the game. A loop on top of each sticker allows it to be tethered to the included strap which bears the name of the game stenciled across its entire length.

» Clean Keeper Drama CD which features the voice actresses who provided the squeaky voices of the heroines in the game.

The game and bonus items are packaged in a cardboard box which features cover artwork that's different from the regular edition.

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