Friday, April 25, 2008

Cyber Gun Attachment Vibration - New Import, In Stock

When the Wii and its wireless controller were first announced, NCS assumed that the Wiimote would stay the same shape forever and ever. The market has other ideas however as the Wii Cooking Mama kit, Zelda's sword, the Wii racing wheel, and other bolt-into accessories have proven. Cyber adds a gun to the Wiimote's arsenal.

The Cyber Gun Attachment isn't the first pistol accessory to reach the Wii - Nintendo's Wii Zapper takes that honor but it's the first one that looks like an actual gun. A berth on top of the accessory accepts the Wiimote and a lift-over latch secures it with down. Once fitted properly, grab the firearm by the handle, slide your finger over the trigger, and get ready to blast away zombies and other malcontents on the Wii.

Two AA batteries are required if you wish to utilize the vibration function of the Gun Attachment. If you don't need the vibration, skip the batteries since the gun will still work as a point and shoot accessory.

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