Monday, November 05, 2007

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Saber Maid Version - In Stock

Alter's latest figure creation takes aim at Saber of Fate Stay Night fame. Normally decked out in a blue suit of armor, the blonde warrior trades in her armaments for a mop and a frilly maid's outfit. Saber stands with panty-hosed-covered legs apart and rests both hands atop the handle of a cleaning instrument. A bucket of water is nowhere to be seen but you can probably buy a toy pail from a USA toy shop or make your own. We're going to use a soda bottle cap and fill it with orange detergent. A blue bow keeps the back of Saber's hair together so that it forms a compact bun. The figure is set at 1/6 scale and measures 26cm or 10.23" tall from her feet to the top of her maid's doily/cap.
Pricing is listed at JPY7800 or US$75 from NCS and preorders as well as new orders will ship today.

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