Monday, November 05, 2007

Alien Power Loader Box Set - New Import, In Stock

Remember when Ripley went back to get Newt in the Aliens movie? That supercharged sequence showed Ripley's mothering instinct - sort of like when a mama bear does whatever it takes to protect her cub. Ripley also showed off her honed warrior skills where she destroyed bunch of slavering Warrior Aliens as well as hordes of Alien Queen eggs. In the climactic final battle, Ripley suited up in a Power Loader and faced off against the Queen herself. With deft skill and the power of mechanical arms, Ripley defeated the Queen and the movie ended with a happily ever after conclusion.

Medicom celebrates the Aliens movie with a set of figures which may allow fans to recreate the final scene of the movie. There's Ripley in the Power Loader, then there's four Alien Eggs, three Warrior Aliens, and the Queen Bee. The figures measure between 6-10cm each and will all be packaged in a window box. Preorders and new orders ship today.

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