Monday, July 02, 2007

Tales of the Abyss [The Best]

Lead heroes Luke fone Fabre and Tear Grants are joined by a supporting cast in a story which ties together ancient prophecies, factions, and the possible re-release of a wafting terror. The battle system is dubbed the Flexible-Range Linear Motion Battle System where the fighters are able to attack and then wander around the battlefield after blows and magic strikes. The environments in Abyss are interactive - trees may be felled to create bridges to cross bodies of water and rocks may be destroyed to gain passage to other parts of the game world.

Mini games in Abyss include kitchen detail where dishes ordered by customers are shuffled out by pressing the proper buttons, a card game, and other games of chance held inside a casino. For retro gamers who still occasionally boot up Namco Museum Vol. 5 for some Dragon Buster love, there's a remake of the game in Tales of the Abyss with updated graphics and Luke as the wandering platform action hero.

Please note "The Best" re-release of Tales of the Abyss is the same game as the original that shipped in December 2005. The only difference is "The Best" packaging and the lower price.

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