Monday, July 02, 2007

Rurouni Kenshin [The Best]

The red-haired assassin Himura Kenshin is joined by former Shinsengumi member Saito Hajime and brawler Sagara Sanosuke in a 3D hack 'n slasher. The background of the storyline hews close to the Kyoto episode arc (ep28 to 62) in the animated television series. In the transition from the Bakumatsu Period in Japan's history to the Meiji Era, samurai were a dying breed and foreign trade was opened up with the West. The Meiji government set out to kill a malcontent named Shishio Makato who had aspirations of toppling the government and positioning himself in the seat of power. During the assassination attempt, Shishio was shot and burned but miraculously survived. Bandaged from head to toe like a mummy, Shishio conspires with ten warriors known as the Ten Swords or Juppongatana to set his plan of conquest in motion. To counter the threat, Himura, Saito, and Sagara trek out to put an end to Shishio's goals of kingship.
At the outset of the action, players may choose any of the three swordsmen and go through their individual stories. The game is played in fast-paced hack 'n slash action with standard slicing strokes that are coupled with special attacks which light up the screen.

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