Friday, June 29, 2007

Super Robot Wars Original Generations

Banpresto gathers together two Super Robot Wars games that were originally released on the Gameboy Advance and completely overhauls the graphics, adds hundreds of battle animations, and upgrades the games with new features. The two games contained on the DVD are:

» Super Robot Wars Original Generation (Debut: Nov. 22, 2002)
» Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 (Debut: Feb. 03, 2005)

In addition to the games, an OPTION setting on the main menu contains a BGM library, a movie gallery, and a useful Q&A section which answers any questions you might have concerning the game play in either title.

A large contingent of new characters and ships have been added to the roster along with a Weapon Change System preview and the mega mighty Twin Battle System. To trigger the TBS, move one unit right next to another unit and then combine your attacks on an enemy target.
Bonus: Approximately 1/2 of our preorders will ship with a bonus Super Robot Wars booklet Sadly, we didn't receive enough to include one with every preorder. «more»

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