Friday, June 29, 2007

Evangelion Battle Orchestra

The Evangelion and Angels go to war once more in a pseudo 3D fighting game where the combatants punch, kick, and jump their way through the ranks. We term Evangelion Battle Orchestra a pseudo 3D fighting game because the action takes place on a 2D plane ala Naruto Narutimett Hero but the world is rendered in 3D which twists and turns with the action on screen. There's also a collection of cut-scenes that are shown during a fight when a special attack or weapon is triggered. The animation serves to break up the flow of the battle and perhaps energize the gamer with a feeling of power and authority.
The Evangelion are not tethered to any power source and they're free to ramble around the battlefield like free men. An EVA mech can attack with conventional blows, bladed weaponry, and firearms for distance attacks. Wooden crates that appear on stage may be cracked open to reveal power-ups and weapons for use in the battle. The Rumble Mode of the game features four-player fighting which gets a little cramped when all four combatants are in each other's faces and punching like felons. The D-pad or L-Analog can be used for movement; the controls are somewhat floaty but acceptable for an Evangelion game from Broccoli. «more»

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