Friday, June 22, 2007

Smash Court Tennis 3

The first Smash Court game was released on the Playstation in 1996 where it garnered accolades and praise for its refined controls and top notch game play. Namco lobs the third Smash Court at the market eleven years later and earns a respectable 32/40 from the editors at Famitsu. Whereas the original game featured vanilla tennis players based on no one, the new game features 16 actual players from the world of tennis including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, James Blake, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, and Nicole Vaidisova.

The Arcade Mode allows players to choose a professional player as their onscreen swatter or create a custom-made tennis player with unique facial features, hair color, hair type, form, body style by way of adjustable height and weight, and clothing. You can even select the home country with attendant flag. Arcade Mode features a fast paced game that doesn't require a lot of time investment to get into. The Lesson Mode teaches the basics of playing virtual tennis and the different shots that are available in the game. If you're serious about tennis, you can elect to play the Professional Tour Mode which spans a year in game time where your chosen player practices to hone his skills and tackles all challengers. Endorsement contracts may also be won. Multiplayer action is realized in the Ad hoc Mode where two players can link up and enjoy a wireless match or play three available mini-games including one that's based on Namco's Pac-Man franchise and another which is based on Galaga. «more»

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