Friday, June 22, 2007

Go! Go! Minon

When average Japanese citizens need a helping hand, they normally turn to the Ouendan gang as featured in the wildly popular NDS Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan game. Those boys know how to cheer up a storm to help the hapless. However, when the Ouendan are too busy running around town, the torch is apparently handed over to a new hero who wears yellow spandex with red racing stripes.

Meet Minon, a racing fool who high steps his way through obstacles, routes, pathways, and other "roads" to help people in need. For example, in the first level of the game, a little girl is happily walking and carrying a balloon when a mole burrows upwards and causes her to trip. She loses her grip on the helium-filled balloon which flies up into the heavens. Tears well up in the little scamp's eyes since tragedy has just befallen her. Never fear however since Minon is on the job. Race across a park area atop domino-like protrusions that pop up from the ground. Pressing the "B" button on the Wiimote solidifies the segmented domino pathways so that Minon circles the park and eventually recovers the balloon like a champ. Later levels add forking paths and obstacles to the mix. «more»

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